We’re here to provide the most detailed information that we can of all the many areas of Music Hall from its pre-history, though its halcyon days to its demise as a mainstream entertainment, right up to to-day’s situation of it being largely but not entirely, the province of the amateur.

Updates will be piece-meal for there is a lot to be put on. In some places you will find perhaps the name of a well known figure but only one line about them. If you particularly want something use the COMMENTS box and ask. If we don’t know maybe I’ll know somebody who will know.

I will try to add something new every week and I’d be glad if you could help. If you have any further information, or anything that you wish to add to our collective knowledge, again please use the COMMENTS page.

As another service to the Music Hall community, we’re running an e-zene. This takes the form of an e-mail telling of updates to the sites, any MH talk that comes my way as well as passing on some of the questions that come in and need answers or help or anything that any of you want to say. Do me a favour, give it a try.